November 4, 2021

The weather goddesses were generous, delaying the San Francisco Bay Area’s first torrential downpour of the season for several hours so that we could celebrate un-drenched.

On Saturday, October 23, 2021, our NEW lesbian magazine, “LOUD & PROUD: A Journal Of Lesbian Creativity,” was launched. It had been gestating for several months, and its birth was midwifed by fifteen lesbian contributors and cheered on by a supportive community of women.

Approximately forty of us gathered in Rossmoor (a 55+ active living community in Walnut Creek CA) to celebrate. Some music, some wine, some foodies. LOTS of joyful conversation.

Copies “flew off the shelves.” (Well, there weren’t actually any shelves; there weren’t even any walls!) Copies “flew” off the picnic table…and have continued to sell since.

We knew we were creating something that would be satisfying to hold in our hands, but did we fully appreciate the need and desire there was in our community for this? Not quite.

It is remarkably satisfying to flip through the journal’s pages, to gaze upon our art and to read our words. But it is a dream come true to have created a platform that spotlights lesbian voices and creativity, and reflects our lesbian lives. The final product turned out to be even more fulfilling than the sum of its parts. We’re proud and humbled and excited all at once.

The deadline for our Spring issue is FEBRUARY 1, 2022. How are YOU going to express your creative genius in our pages? We can’t wait to see. Go HERE to submit your work. And if you haven’t purchased your copy yet…GO HERE.

Celenia Delsol (Publisher/Editor/Contributor)
Photo Credit: Carol Newhouse

Photo Credit for Following Photos: Janet Seldon

Judy Graboyes (Publisher/Editor/Contributor) &
Carol Newhouse (Contributing Cover Photographer & Poet)
Judy Graboyes making a sale to Yehudit Lieberman,
while Jessie Ortiz looks on
Bonnie Marzlak (Contributing Photographer)
signing a copy for a fan
Janet Seldon (Contributing Poet) & Celenia, celebrating

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