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Loud & Proud took my breath away. I devoured every page, every image, every word. Thank you. How did you all know we needed this? Thank you for noticing and bringing out such beauty among us.”

Carmen L, Walnut Creek CA

“I just got my Loud & Proud. It’s gorgeous! Congratulations on adding something beautiful to the world.”

Mary H, Portland OR

“Moving, powerful, and so important! Thank you for publishing [Loud & Proud]. I can’t wait for my kid (butch dyke) to read it.”

Denise L, Oakland CA

“Thank you for the slick, smooth sensuality of Loud and Proud. From black and white [of the cover page photo] to the blinking eye in a yellow circle [the art work of the inside rear cover], I see myself.” 

Elida S, Oakland CA

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