We are Just A Bunch of Lesbians Press.

Celenia Delsol and Judy Graboyes, two 60-something lesbians, living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area, looked across the lesbian landscape and observed the sad erosion and erasure of lesbian spaces.

“LOUD & PROUD: A Journal of Lesbian Creativity,” emerged from this “vacuum” during the first year of Covid. A group of lesbians – most of us white, over 55, and living in the Bay Area – came together to share our creativity, preserve our sanity and celebrate our lesbian-ness. Something beautiful resulted. But we were painfully aware of the homogeneity of our group….at a time when diversity and inclusivity are so direly needed.

We are accepting work from women who identify as lesbians. For future issues, we are committed to 50% of our contributors being lesbians of color. We urge younger lesbians to submit their work, and we hope our journal will attract lesbians from beyond our U.S. borders.

The content itself may or may not be lesbian-centric, but there will be a strong bias for inclusion in the journal towards material that addresses aspects of lesbian life.

As lesbian spaces continue to disappear, our mission is to create and sustain a uniquely lesbian literary and artistic space, both in print and in the digital world.

Thank you for being here. Welcome.

Photo Credit: Selfie, Enhanced with Prisma

Celenia and her musician partner live in the SF Bay Area. She is a grief specialist who believes writing (and honestly, any creative expression) is powerful medicine. She is also an author, blogger, writing facilitator, and photographer.

Photo Credit: Carol Newhouse

Judy is really a musician, but she likes to write poetry. In her spare time, she has a full-time job in affordable housing.